Outsourcing Services

Atento Offers a Variety of Traditional Outsourcing Services.

Customer Service – Atento is committed to improving our clients’ customer loyalty. Excellent customer support certainly is a differentiating factor in many businesses, and we can help make sure you achieve your metrics in this area. We customize our processes to your market and environment, working on requirements such as ASA (average speed of answer), escalation process, and reporting.

Document Processing – While generally considered to be the entry level in the service value chain, the worldwide need for document processing services continues to grow. Atento offers its clients traditional paper and image scanned documentation services at very competitive rates with confidentiality, service level guarrantee and 24 hour turn-around time.

Email Support – The exponential growth of electronic mail and the Internet as a medium of business communication creates a growing burden for many companies, particularly in post-sales support. Atento provides its clients multi-language Email management services designed to ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction with reduced costs via consistency of Email response quality, prioritization and predictability of response time, an adaptive customer accessible knowledge base for auto self-help and an optional on-line electronic messaging (chat) integration.

Telemarketing/Telesales – With extensive experience in high-performance sales initiatives, Atento can respond to direct mail and Email campaigns, qualify and develop business or consumer leads for onsite sales people to call, leverage order demand to use cross and up selling to drive higher results or improve customer relationships. We can also help design a full Email campaign with or without follow up outbound calls to close sales.

Market Research – Atento can help your organization determine if you are achieving a positive customer experience on an employee or event/incident basis. After a defining event or incident takes place, does the customer become more or less loyal? After they speak to a particular employee, how does their loyalty change? Our customer surveys can help your employees improve their customer interactions, and can provide an incentive for your organization to provide excellent customer experience. Our clients use our results for incentives that cause positive organizational change. We rely on the disciplines of customer loyalty, management, statistics and psychology to design this process.