Call Center


Today’s consumer is more demanding than ever. In the global marketplace, 24 hour/7 days a week service is often expected. Providing additional channels of communication for customer contact is essential in establishing the credibility of your operation. We’ll be there to greet your customers when you’re not.

Atento´s web enabled service representatives can answer customer concerns, take orders, or simply answer questions about your products or services on a 24/7/365 basis. This means customers can access information and, most importantly, make purchase decisions at their convenience. The bottom line is that live call center outsourcing services are critical in maximizing the sales generated by any marketing channel.

Atento´s offshore multilingual call-center is dedicated to servicing our clients in English and Spanish and other languages. Our call center services include order taking, direct response support, help desk services, telemarketing, telesales, appointment scheduling, overflow call management, dealer referrals and general customer service support.

Atento´s offshore call-center services and quality service representatives provide companies with results they can’t ignore:

  • Increased efficiencies and significant cost savings
  • Multilingual support: English, Spanish, French, German, etc.
  • Access to a large pool of educated “accent-neutral” call center agents
  • Thorough and focused training on your business
  • A dedicated quality assurance process consisting of daily monitoring of each sales representative’s sales and customer service performance
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities

How We Work

Contact Us – Whether via telephone, Email or chat, our business development staff will take the time to understand your business requirements and goals in order to personalize our call-center services and solutions.

Service Proposal Agreement – We will then send you a written service proposal outlining recommended services and fees as discussed during your conversations. Once you are fully satisfied, we establish a strategic alliance.

Project Preparation – You will be assigned a Project Manager, who acts as a consistent ‘point person’ that remains your primary contact for the life of your project. This is a dedicated manager who fully understands your project, and will be able to handle any questions or concerns during the life of your project. He/she will be responsible for processing your information in order to reach your targeted start date. During this time the technology is set up and tested, specific account information and customized scripts are developed, and our call-center service representatives undergo training on your account.

Start Date – Once you are completely satisfied with your project details and successful test calls, your account will Go Online.

On-Line/Monitor Results – Your Project Manager will monitor your project daily and ensure that we are constantly meeting your expectations. We analyze and make changes to your project whenever we and you feel necessary, recognizing that your business needs are always changing and that we should always be improving our service delivery.


Atento leverages proven technologies to offer advantages not commonly found in the customer contact outsourcing industry. This has undergone many changes in recent years, specifically in the shift from analog voice to integrated IP Contact Center technologies, from a single contact channel (voice) to multi-channels (voice, Email, web chat, web collaboration, web call back, VOIP, fax, video, etc…). Atento invests on an ongoing basis in solutions and platforms that bring tangible value to our clients and employees.


People are the cornerstone of the outsourcing industry. Attracting and retaining highly motivated personnel is a critical success factor. Atento personnel are equipped with the best tools to make them successful in their job. They are educated and trained on an ongoing basis on all the key aspects of their job. We link pay to performance. We allow and encourage employees to rotate between different client programs, and we encourage them to grow in the organization by taking up more responsibilities. This results in lower attrition rates, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and lower cost for our clients. Our hiring criteria are selective, because we know that the best people deliver the best results.


      • Automated Voice Messaging
      • Outbound Telemarketing/Telesales
      • Sales Lead Generation
      • Sales Lead Qualification
      • Customer Surveys
      • Appointment Reminders
      • Claims Reporting
      • Market Investigation
      • Database Cleansing
      • Inbound Customer Service
      • Inbound Telemarketing (B2B & B2C)
      • Inbound Email and Chat
      • Order Processing & Billing
      • Event Registration
      • Locator Referral
      • Market Surveys
      • Help-Desk Support