About Atento

Atento is a Professional Services Firm Dedicated To Making Offshore Services Work For Our Customers. We are the leading provider of offshore outsourcing services to corporations of any size, located strategically offshore in Nicaragua, Central America. We share our knowledge of offshore development, our deep project management experiences, processes and methodology and wide network of personnel sources to ensure an offshore strategy that works for you.

Why Atento?

In today’s tough economic environment, companies are searching for ways to reduce the costs, while maintaining quality and support efficiency. Transferring portions of service delivery and back office processing to a near shore country like Nicaragua with its cost-effective bilingual personnel is an attractive option. However concerns over the complexities of managing such an effort have prevented some companies from adopting this approach. A relationship with Atento offers companies a variety of benefits including:

Offshore – The potential opportunity to explore offshore outsourcing for cost savings and operational efficiency.

Experience – We have a strong experience in executing complex projects offshore for clients all over the world.

Expertise – We have a good understanding of what to look for sourcing appropriate personnel for your particular project.

Process – Providing low-cost, high-quality offshore outsourcing services requires well-developed processes for managing large-scale projects in distributed locations – capabilities that we have developed over the years.

Time Savings – We have developed tools, infrastructure, methodologies, processes, and the management expertise for providing remote services to clients around the globe. Working with us, frees up your valuable time to focus on the project while we focus on making offshore services work for you.

If your are interested in exploring the opportunities of offshore outsourcing, please Contact Us.