Offshore Multilingual Call-Center Outsourcing

Atento Services is an offshore multilingual outsourcing provider of traditional call-center services and investment incubation services. Whether you are looking to promote your products and services to new markets, provide support for your existing customers or to extend your existing resources offshore, we can contribute to your success. Our experience in offshore multilingual call-center outsourcing and investment incubation will provide you to the experience, strategy, and resources that best satisfies your business objectives.

Atento´s call-center is conveniently located in Nicaragua, Central America with our service coverage primarily North America. Our central location offers ease of communication, access and management. We offer all of our offshore multilingual call-center outsourcing services (customer service, telemarketing, telesales, help-desk support and others) in English, Spanish, French and German allowing our clients the flexibility of serving their traditional English speaking markets while taking advantage of the rapidly evolving US Hispanic population. For those companies interested in setting up their own offshore captive call-center operation, Atento provides consulting and start up incubation services, offering a rapid, low-investment, low-risk solution.

We marry advanced technologies blending Voice Over IP and Customer Relationship Management with exceptional people to delivery high-quality service to our clients. We are in touch with your customers by whatever means is most convenient to them: telephone, facsimile, electronic mail and chat. Business hours. Weekends. 7×24.

Why work with us? We are Business Solutions Focused, offering a client-friendly Relationship Driven Partnership Model. We guarantee bottom line results regardless of the scope of the business relationship. We offer cost effective, high quality, fast execution. We offer a unique business culture experience to manage cultural differences.

Why consider offshore outsourcing? Offshore outsourcing is one of the most advantageous options that globalization and the Internet have brought to the business world. Offshore outsourcing provides many of the benefits of local outsourcing and delivers additional value in resource availability, experience, expertise, higher quality, improved time-to-market, and significantly lower cost.

We invite you to explore our Internet site and to Contact Us so we can discuss your needs and demonstrate the advantages of offshore multilingual call-center outsourcing with Atento Services.



Atento offers a variety of consulting and traditional outsourcing services to companies interested in implementing nearshore business models in Nicaragua and Central America.

Consulting – We offer consulting services to assist you with every phase of the outsourcing life cycle. Our services help you with your initial feasibility evaluation, assist you in developing a concrete outsourcing strategy and support you with the ongoing management and governance during the entire life of the project.

Establishing Offshore Center – We will analyze your current needs and work with you to set up your own offshore center – a nearshore extension of your company (insourcing). Basically, we help you extend your virtual team to form your offshore center using our dedicated resources and experience.

Offshore Staffing – Atento provides you the best personnel by matching your needs through our Personnel Sourcing methodology while utilizing the benefits of offshore outsourcing. Our Personnel Sourcing methodology is designed to minimize turnaround time and maximize quality of talent. We can provide you a single specialist or an entire team in record tim.

Offshore Project Management – Atento uses its expert knowledge of offshore development and project management experience to provide you with high quality offshore project management talent. We can supply our offshore project management knowledge to help you maximize your effectiveness with your offshore team.

Pilot Project Incubation – Atento can facilitate the set up an initial short-term (6 months minimum) offshore pilot project, allowing you means to evaluate and confirm the competitive advantage that an offshore center will deliver, before committing to the offshore center infrastructure investment. We provide the infrastructure, personnel and management experience. You provide the pilot project and administrative liaison. At the end of the pilot project evaluation period you decide whether to extend or expand the project, transition to your own offshore center or “walk away” from the project.